July 17, 2017 • 23 Tammuz 5777

Religious School

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Religious Education at CBI: Our Mission Statement

The mission of CBI’s Religious School is Lifelong Jewish Learning for our children and families.
This mission is guided by these principles:
• Kehilah/Community – CBI Religious School fosters lasting relationships and a profound sense of belonging for our students, teachers and families. Dedicated to the principle of Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Ba-zeh (all of Israel is responsible for each other), we embrace every child and family.
• Ahavat/Jewish Pride – Love of Judaism, the land and people of Israel, and devotion to Jewish learning is the root of Jewish pride and identity at CBI.
• Chavaya/Meaningful Jewish Experience – CBI offers opportunities for meaningful Jewish experiences that help us explore our sense of God and spirituality, and guides us to live a Jewish life.
• Middot/Ethics – We give meaning to the words of Torah through the Jewish values we express in relationships with others. Through thoughtful action and compassion for others, we do the work of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).
• Y’cholet/Competence – Our students attain Jewish competence by seeking Jewish education and using that knowledge to live a Jewish life based on the combination of Talmud Torah (study of Jewish text and tradition) and Ma’aseh (Jewish practice/deeds).
• Simcha/Joy – Joy, excitement, and fun are vital to everything we do.

For more information about CBI's Religious School, contact Tia Sukenik, Education Director, at educationdirector@congregationbethisrael.org.

CBI Online Hebrew: http://www.behrmanhouse.com/students

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